Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cowboys Cheerleaders Go Pro

Dean Carriere - Mount Everest - Top Of The World
Since the first GoPro cameras came up and actually filmed some daredevil action either a selfie by Dean Carriere on top of the world on Mount Everest (above) or in the snow,

on a skateboard - mountain bike - motorcycle - flying with a wingsuit through Tianmen Cave in China

or even mounted to a tail of a fighter jet, withstanding 6G

DCC - Mia

I have become a big fan of these robust digital cameras.

But now the GoPros had to endure another and probably the biggest stress test ever.
They were mounted on hula hoops and the hoops were given to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders to play with while shooting their Swimsuit Calendar in Cozumel, Mexico.

And true to the motto of the GoPro, "Be A Hero" the cameras were able to withstand all the g forces here as well, just check out the video below, capturing all the action. 

I put them up on my wishlist (not the girls, the cameras!), but to no avail yet. Maybe I win one in the daily drawings GoPro has on facebook. The swimsuit calendar of America's sweethearts can be found here

Sources: youtube, GoPro, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Originally published on 1/11/2014 in Tidbits

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