Sunday, January 12, 2014

Colorful Stroll In The Fog

Decaying Christmas Tree
After posting the black and whites from my morning stroll in the fog, here come the color ones - yes even when the weather is miserable you'll find interesting other pursuits to shot and share. Since I wrote my dys-fun-ctional Christmas blog, I was actually waiting to shoot a decaying Christmas tree and surprise, surprise, I found one across the street. As John Prine would have it: I guess that love Is like a Christmas card You decorate a tree You throw it in the yard It decays and dies And the snowmen melt Well I once knew love I knew how love felt But on to some more colorful themes and vibes, even though that colorful leaf is one of the last one on the tree and i dying too - but the light on it was just gorgeous. So please enjoy some leaves and bushes with tears (Tränen) or simply water droplets (Wassertropfen) on it. Let me know, which ones you like best.
Beautiful, orange leaf
More Waterdroplets
Water Droplets On Bush
Tear / Träne aka Wassertropfen / Water Droplet
All shot with Nikon D7000 / edited and cropped in Picasa Originally published 1/09/2014 in "My Photography"

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