Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Bilie Jo Spears - pure Honky Tonk

You may have looked for an update for my blog "Honky Tonk Daily," well the daily part gotta a bit streched as I was writing two obits for Billie Jo Spears.

The obits are done: in English and in German, so lets feature that Texas girl in this Honky Tonk blog as well. Her early stuff on Capitol Reocrds, was a pure delight for the traditional country fan, a lot of steel guitar and/or dobro, simple arrangements, just pure boot-scootin' on sawdust - what a bliss.

Some of the stuff, which didn't make my obit (mein Nachruf) is featured here.

There are also some gems on United Artist, like the sassy little ditty "Never Did Like Whiskey." Even though it sounds like eons apart from her earlier recordings her voice dominates over the Countrypolitan arrangement, label boss Larry Butler put behind her recordings. If you want to read the full obit I wrote visit the link above.

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