Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013-06-02 - Bracken Hale (USA) - Hangover Sundays

"Similia similibus curantur" or better, paraphrased in modern English - "The Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me." offers hangover cures since the medieval ages, after a night of indulging to much alcohol. If you are suffering from a Honky Tonk hangover on Sundays, well now you have the possibility to cure that, either with or without alcohol, by listening to the music of Bracken Hale.

©Winker Withaneye - used by permission
Oklahoma born/Austin based Bracken toured as a sideman for over a decade with people like Gary P. Nunn, Chris Wall, Danni Leigh and Chaparral and  honed his own craft as a singer/songwriter during this time. 
All of the thirteen songs appearing on his self-titled debut album (iTunes, Amazon, his webstore) are originals. As another Texas legend, Tommy Alverson said: "The CD is great from front to back. Love it!"
There is no overexposure here, intelligently produced by fellow musician Eric Hisaw, these are simple songs dripping with nice nostalgic Fender twangs and tones, keeping your boots scootin' the floor. 
The following video shows Bracken doing "Over Fort Worth" at PoodiePalooza @ Poodie's Hilltop in Spicewood, honoring the late owner and former Willie Nelson manager, Poodie Locke. 

"Over Fort Worth" is probably the strongest song of the whole collection and I could really see King George adding another number-one-hit (his 61st) to his collection, if he wouldn't be retiring and would record it - that song has "early Strait" written all over it. 
Not that the other songs aren't worth mentioning, just listen in the widget below; "Nothing Worth Having" and "Colder" are from that debut album as well. 
A second album is soon to be released and I hope that "Should've Cried For Me" which is offered here in a Live version will be on that second album. 

While waiting on that new album, go see Bracken play every Sunday in June (2013) from 4-7 pm @ Giddy Ups in South Austin and from 8-11pm @ Poodie's in Spicewood. Now you don't have an excuse for not having a cure for a solid Honky Tonk hangover on Sundays. See you at one of the shows!

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