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2013-06-01 - Drømmere & Drankere (N) & Ida Jenshus (N)

Always on the outlook to find more inspiring music, my journey often takes me around the world. First to start this blog, I would like to share two Norwegian artists, I stumbled upon recently, both deeply rooted in Americana music.

Drømmere & Drankere (Dreamers & Drunks) describe their mix as 60% Country, 10% Cajun, 9% nostalgic pop, 6% Irish Folk music, 15% Rock'n' Roll and 3% psychodelic. That this adds up to over a 100% speaks for the band, who seems to simply have fun since the late Eighties, playing their kind of "roots" music with their own motto: "Ikke så verst når du blir vant til dem - (Not so bad once you get used to them)"
I wish I would understand more of the lyrics of this "train bound to hell" song, called "17th of December 2009," written by main writer and lead-singer Dag Tufte of their second album "Båten Blir Til Mens Du Ror - (Boats Are, Till Men Do Row)" You can contact the band either through their website (see above, their facebook-page) or purchase an album directly at

Here is another track, that can be downloaded from their website, the title track, that promises that life in itself will be better: 

Ida Jenshus is a sensation in Norway, just 20 years old she sang an Emmylou Harris cover "Boulder To Birmingham" on national TV, won a talent contest and was immediately signed to a major label.

The rest is history, all of her three albums so far won Norwegian Grammys (Spellemann-Award) in the Country category as best albums of the year, the title track of her last album, "Someone To Love" was last years most played song on the popular state-owned NRK P1 program chain and she was chosen to open for the Eagles at the prestigious "Norwegian Wood" music festival. The now 26-old hails from the small town Steinkjer, about an hour north of Trondheim, the city she now calls home. I was immediately smitten by her voice, when I heard her do the title song of her debut album "Color Of The Sun," an album comprised of all original songs.  
The following video, recorded by national TV broadcaster NRK in the "office" presents the young singer/songwriter with four strong songs: "Not For Love Anymore," "Marie (What Happened To The Music?)," "Someone To Love" and the somber and very poignant "Loneliest Time Of The Year." 

In "Marie..." she actually blasts music realtiy shows as detrimental to the songwriters own creativity. 

All we never hear are Marie's own songs 
The reason she is playing 
Seems to be long gone 
If we don't support her 
Would that set her free 
We're still voting 
For this stuff on TV 

Ida Jenshus - Live At The Office from MusicNorway on Vimeo

Unfortunately her international distribution system is not where it's supposed to be, her debut album is available through amazon and itunes, latter actually having her newest album as well, but both missing out on the middle album "No Guarantees." Unfortunately the Norwegian internet distributor Platekompaniet does not sell its wares abroad. I guess - make that blog viral, so she becomes available everywhere. 

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