Friday, January 13, 2012

Whatever Happened To The Man With The Golden Voice

Ted Williams - The Homeless Man With The Golden Voice 

Remember the homeless guy with the deep voice who suddenly became an online phenomenon?
It was just a bit over a year ago, when Ted Williams, a homeless Columbus (Ohio) man with a golden, radio-friendly voice started garnering headlines and became an overnight sensation. A video of his, shot by the local newspaper "The Columbus Dispatch" had over 18 million hits and views, worldwide and was one of the "viral" stories of 2011.

The video propelled the 53-year-old into instant stardom, several job offers and makeover opportunities followed. Williams was living up to then in a tent, had a full rap sheet with arrests for drug abuse, theft and forgery and had even spent some time in prison.
But instant fame didn't come easy, it threw a curve ball at Williams and the recovering alcohol and drug addict entered rehab in South Texas. He quit rehab after two weeks and many wondered what will happen to the "man with the golden voice."
Two staffers of the US cable network Entertainment Television (ET) as well as talk show host Dr. Phil kept on persuading and counseling Ted and after a second stint at a rehab clinic, he became sober.

A year later, he's the voice of the New England Cable News (NECN), made a couple of commercials, is still sober, lives in a spacious house, where the walk-in closet doubles as a recording booth and has a girlfriend named Kathy. ET went and visited with the Man with the Golden Voice to catch up with him after a year.


His incredible story will soon (May 10) also be released in a new book "A Golden Voice: Ted Williams: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation."

Sources: Columbus Dispatch, Entertainment Television

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