Sunday, November 27, 2011

White Ghost Shivers Announce New Album & Release Party

You may have seen the collaboration between Bluegrass stalwart Del McCoury and his band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on PBS in an Austin City Limits taping. Well if you take a bit (maybe a lot - I don't really agree with Del on that this is something new) of the seriousness out of this, add some traditional Blues, eastern-European Klezmer, Gypsy- and Hillbilly-Swing and Vaudeville stir the whole thing up with some more suggestive Hokum Blues lyrics, garnish the whole dish with the antics of the Prohibition and excellent show(o)men ship, you have Austin's White Ghost Shivers.

The Ghost Shivers are ready to release their new album, a task that these days is more and more difficult, with the disarray in the music business, the economic downturn and conglomerates owning all the airwaves. Thanks to websites like kickstarter and other ones, it is now possible to generate the needed cash for an album with donations from the audience, fans, or through simple patronage. So WGS decided to promote their fundraising - not just with simple begging at the next street corner - but with a funny video.

Well the funds came in, the third full-lenght album (not counting a DVD)in the can and will be available right before Christmas on December, 13th 2011. (To order a copy).
Three days later Cella Blue, Saturn, Shorty Stump, Hot Thomas, Smokebreak Slemenda, Poppiticus and Baby-Faced Finster want you to celebrate the release of "Nobody Loves You Like We Do" with a grand party at Antone's. Celebrating with the white Ghost Shivers, will the East Side Dandies and the Whiskey Shivers. WGS, will take the stage at 11.30pm. And as a bonus a little Christmas Hokum ditty, called "Santa's Sack"

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