Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't Pull Me Over

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, released their new album "Mojo" last summer. Five videos - out of the fairly bluesy album - were so far released on his youtube channel. Now "Don't Pull Me Over" saw the light of the day on the web (Huffington Post and Yahoo Music). And according to the HuffPost, it was Tom's daughter Adria Petty, who was at the helm of the little epic. But first she had to twist her daddy's arm to make the video: "In his reclusive way my pop did not want to do any traditional promotion for Mojo. But with some nepotism and coaxing I was allowed to produce this strange and humble offering."

Director Adria Petty is leaving her mark, so far she produced two shorts "Paris, Not France", about the hotel heiress, which premiered at the 2008 Toronto film festival and a real cool short "The Who: Mirror Door". Adria is also known as director of several commercials (Converse, McDonalds, Target), but mostly as director of music videos for Regina Spektor, Beyoncé and Duffy. More intriguing to me were the videos she did for The Ditty Bops and Stacey Earle. (Wouldn't let me embed them, so click the link!)

The Ditty Bops - "Wishful Thinking"

Stacey Earle - "Simple Girl"

Well after meandering into Adria Petty's work, let's "Don't Pull Me Over" make its own spin. I guess it is a bit strange, less for the visual part, but it's Reggae tinged sound and message. Some voices insist he did that promoted Marijuna in his song "Mary Jane's Last Dance", while other sources claim, the song deals with the painful divorce from Jane Benyo, Adria's mom. Whatever, the video for "Mary Jane's Last Dance" which stars Kim Basinger as the corpse, is a classic.

After hearing "Don't Pull Me Over", Willie Nelson came to mind first.

Not a big brainer, really. If the "Honeysuckle Rose" is passing you on the highway not only the smoke stacks are puffing. Barbarossa is probably stoned in the back of his own bus. Big Deal, I mean Willie admitted inhaling in CNN's green room, before meeting Larry King. I guess the cop that pulled him over, needs a life.  The joke know is, that Willie is on a diet and lost 6 ounces so far.

We all know Willie is just an "Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground". Which made my synopses go berserk, again. Simply Blaze Foley, the much missed Austin troubadour came to mind, his little ditty about an overeager policeman called "Officer Norris" (You read us our rights, but you read them to fast, Officer Norris would you please kiss my ass). What a nice invitation.
The second choice offers itself, Merle Haggard's live performance of probably Blaze's most famous song "If I Can Only Fly" recorded for Austin City Limits.

Blaze Foley - "Officer Norris"

Merle Haggard - "If I Could Only Fly"

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